Our Brand

The NO BASIC mission is to empower smart, creative, confident women with quality pieces that encourage her to be comfortable in all aspects of her self. Our girls are fearless, self-assured, and audacious. No Basic is a female clothing brand blazing a trail in street style fashion, driven by the real wants of real women, inspired by the fast paced digital era of Instagram-instant gratification. There is no trend too daunting for No Basic to create, since we're the first to premiere trends right ahead of their peak. We're where the aspirational becomes attainable, creating a digital destination for fashion forward females who are always ahead of the curve.

Our Product

We create looks by our exclusive one-stop-shop design team, taking trends directly off of the runway or at the forefront of celebrity culture and make them attainable as soon as a trend breaks. With all things modern in mind, No Basic delivers high quality clothing and accessories at an affordable price. And since we're all about empowering our girls, No Basic keeps you fashion forward without breaking the bank. Our mission is not only to bring you affordable style staples - we deliver the trends faster than any fashion platform. We drop over 50 new styles every single week, ensuring that you'll always be the most stylish woman in the room rocking ready-to-wear, show stopping pieces that make lasting impressions.

Behind Our Brand

Alex and Josi Fares, two brothers from London who, with a passion for fast fashion and a skill for flawless production, have made it their lives' work to bring you direct-to-consumer styles hot off the presses in less than 4 weeks. With incredible taste and incessant ambition, the Fares brothers have created a global, multi platform digital brand that delivers, never falls behind trend, and pushes a high bar for a new school of daily dressing.

No Basic Babes

Bold #girlbosses are the pulse of our brand, since we create every single look we feature with you in mind. We dedicate our energy to supporting women and girls around the world who look to express themselves and their creativity through their style. Whether you're wearing our items to a job interview, a meeting, or a night out, we know our clothing leaves a lasting impression. We make pieces that inspire you to be the woman you want to be. Our look sways from polished minimalism to bold blogger style, skimming both your workplace and your weekend. Inspired by the concrete corners of the most coveted streets from London to LA, NO BASIC features an array of bold patterns to posh detail, all with the art of street style in mind. We are girl power at heart with designer dreams.

The first ready-to-wear NO BASIC collection, which launches in 2017, is tailored for the NO BASIC girl: a fearless female with big dreams, a successful career, and a no-nonsense attitude. To be a NO BASIC girl is to have your foot before the curve, be equal parts innovative and empowered, curating your closet in a way that makes you the confident, alluring, and unforgettable woman you are. To be a NO BASIC girl is to use your wardrobe to never be ignored.

NO BASIC drops new styles weekly. Follow along and join the throngs of women reinventing themselves with these next big looks. Are you our next No Basic muse? Hashtag your looks to be featured! #NoBasicClub