Welcome to the Nobasic Loyalty Program where our beloved customers get unbelievable shopping rewards!

What are rewards points?

Reward points are discount points. These points can be earned with every purchase because each product on Nobasic has these points assigned to them. After checking out, the earned points will be added to your account and can be easily used for the next purchase. Here is the catch, the more points you have, the more discount you can avail with the next purchase! There is no limitation to the usage of these points! So shop, collect points, and shop more at discount.

Shopping that’s prized!

The reward points on Nobasic can only be used if you have an account. Register with Nobasic by making an account, and you will be eligible to get the reward points! Make sure that you are logged into your account while checking out so you can earn and spend the points. Exciting, isn’t it? You haven’t registered? Join the Loyalty Program today by creating your account, and challenge yourself to collect hundreds and thousands of reward points!

Reward Points Breakdown:

On each dollar you spend you are getting a reward!

Spent $1 = Earned 1 Nobasic Point

Each product, each dollar is getting you double perks: The product you are purchasing and discount for the next one!

More Details:

Because we love our customers, we want them to have lots of Nobasic Points. Upon creating your account, you will be rewarded 50 Points with an additional 50 Points if you subscribe for our newsletter. You can use these points even on your first purchase. Wait, there’s more. Remember you’re earning points on every purchase? So while you are spending your collected points you will still earn more! The points earned on every purchase will be added to your account once your order goes into processing. Let’s start shopping now!