Earrings For Every Occasion


 Earrings are one of the oldest types of jewelry. The practice of piercing ears and adorning it with gems or precious stones is as old as ancient Egypt and was popular among both women and men. Today, earrings are mainly used for self-expression but it had other purposes in the past. During early civilizations, ear piercings were used to easily identify a person’s social status or which religion or tribe he belongs to. Then in succeeding centuries, sailors and pirates used to wear silver or gold earrings so should they die in sea and be washed up ashore, their earrings would serve as payment for a proper burial.

 Before gaining a steady ground in today’s fashion, earrings almost ceased to exist during the Middle Ages when the church forbade ear piercing, declaring that it alters the human body which is believed to be created in God’s likeness. But the evolution of fashion and the rise of theater and film industry gave the earrings its much needed break as desires to look like film stars created demand, which continues until today.

Just like other types of jewelry, your choice of earrings should compliment your outfit, your makeup and your facial features. Good thing, earrings today come in variety of designs you can choose from.

Stud earrings basically feature a single gemstone or ornament, like a pearl or diamond. It may look very basic but it is probably the most versatile pair.

The Stud. If you have an oval-shaped face then the stud should be your go-to earrings to offset the length of your face. This is also the perfect pair for formal or corporate outfits since it can add just the right amount of glamour into your professional style. Compliment a statement piece like this Camilla Peach Lace Jumpsuit with an elegant pearl stud to command attention on your next big client meeting.  

Drop earrings vary in length but it certainly compliment most face shape, especially round and heart-shapes since it elongates the face to offset its width.

The Drop. If you have short pixie hair, this will help frame your face since your hair cannot do it for you. Simple, neutral-colored drop earrings can be worn in an office setup while bolder color and designs can compliment more dramatic looks. Most people match the colors of their outfits and earrings but you can most certainly pair contrasting colors. You can pair this Ruby Midi Lace Dress with either a black or blue sapphire drop earrings on the next wedding party you get invited to.

The bigger the hoops, the bigger the confidence it requires from its wearer because this is not for wallflowers.

The Hoop. If with drop earrings it is all about the length, with hoops, it is all about the circumference.  What is fascinating about hoops is it is probably the most political of all earrings. Hoop earrings’ origins can be traced back to ancient Africa and its influence has trickled throughout modern history most notably when famous African-American artists and personalities started wearing them in the 1960s, thus the association of hoops with African culture proliferated. Good thing hoops are versatile that anyone can easily integrate it with their style, preferences and identity. Bring out the boho-chic in you and make sure to pack this Versailles Floral Maxi Dress with your gold medium hoops on your next leisure resort vacation.

Ear Cuffs come in different sizes and designs. Dangle them in style.

The Cuffs.  Simple ones basically hug the curves at the edge of your ear and you can wear multiple pieces at a time, others, like the Bajoran earrings require a pierce on your lobe and then you cuff the other end on top curvy-edge of your ear. Cuffs are not for everyday use, and not everyone’s cup of tea. It usually denotes a rebellious, edgy personality so unless you are one, then this might not suit you. But if you want to experiment and check if you can be one, then just slip this Black Lace Missy Playsuit on, clip your daring gold or silver ear cuffs and hit the coolest bars with your friends next Friday night!



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