• Earrings For Every Occasion

  • Eco-Friendly Beauty and Fashion Tips

    Let’s face it. The world is almost (if not already) at the peak of environmental crisis. The air we breathe is heavily polluted by factory and vehicle exhausts, more cases of landslides and flooding have been happening even when a storm is not at its strongest yet, and the amount of our plastic w... View Post
  • August's Woman of the Month: Victoria Beckham

    Victoria's Era Every era has its own icon for sophistication. There are a lot of Victorias in her generation but no one else comes close to the posh style of Victoria Caroline Beckham. The businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer was labeled “Posh Spice” during her rise to stardom with... View Post
  • Be A Guest To Remember in Any Wedding

    "Never outshine the bride." It’s an unspoken rule when attending weddings, everyone just knows it’s a great sign of respect and courtesy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t glam your way to being the prettiest guest! Here are some of the DOs and DON’Ts that every #NOBASIC woman should know so you c... View Post
  • Playing It Cool with Playsuits

    Like most forms of art, fashion too is a product of history, with a lot of iconic pieces heavily influenced by political, social and economic factors throughout time. One iconic piece that has a rather fascinating origin story is the jumpsuit. The earliest record of jumpsuits was in 1919, when Fl... View Post
  • How to Start Carrying Yourself Confidently

    “Your greatest enemy is yourself.” We’ve all come across this saying at one point in our lives and it becomes particularly true when we’re struggling to be confident about ourselves. Nothing stunts a person’s growth more than self-doubt. The opposite which is self-confidence is the powerful atti... View Post
  • Grown Up Glitter

    Humans seem to be inherently attracted to shine and our fixation for shiny things can be traced as early as the Stone Age when cavemen embellished their cave paintings with flakes extracted from shiny rocks called, mica. Even shine in fashion has its roots as far back as ancient civilizations whe... View Post
  • How We Try To Do It Right

    Mindfulness is the buzzword when defining modern lifestyles. In the world of dining, critics and tastemakers encourage us to patronize establishments that work with local producers. Today, mindful, sustainable diets are now just as substantial as a Michelin star rating in the food business. And w... View Post