• July's Woman of the Month: Naomi Campbell

    The modeling industry is a difficult industry to break through and once you are in, making your mark is a totally new level of challenge. But one woman managed to conquer the modeling world with her distinct grace and unparalleled ‘je ne sais quoi’, none other than, Naomi Campbell. Campbell start... View Post
  • Selfie Game Strong!

    Kylie Jenner likes breaking the rules, just look at this MET Gala bathroom selfie! #picoftheday #duckface: These are just some of the hashtags that have become popular across the internet. All three are often, if not most of the time, associated with selfies. There are at least 900k IG posts t... View Post
  • Timeless Beauty, Always

    Fashion is a paradox. It is ever changing, designers striving to create new and exciting design ideas while at the same time hoping that their outputs will qualify as timeless pieces. We are often advised to build our wardrobe using timeless pieces, but what makes a piece of clothing deserving of... View Post
  • Turning Monochromatic

    Let us break down the term monochromatic – mono means single and chromatic means color. A monochromatic outfit consists of pieces of clothing or accessories of one color. Although, this does not mean literally that one wears a solid black from head to toe, it can be a variety of shades within one... View Post
  • The White Sneakers Effect

    For almost over four years now, it is with no doubt that the all-white sneakers reigned supreme. All people from top runway models to your favorite celebrity to fashion a-listers to basically at least one person you know has been sporting this look. Let’s start of with Adidas most coveted white s... View Post