Playing It Cool with Playsuits

Like most forms of art, fashion too is a product of history, with a lot of iconic pieces heavily influenced by political, social and economic factors throughout time. One iconic piece that has a rather fascinating origin story is the jumpsuit. The earliest record of jumpsuits was in 1919, when Florentine artist, Thayat, designed one primarily for the purpose of, well, jumping out of airplanes. Since it then it became the standard uniform of sky divers and aviators in general. 

During World War II, jumpsuits became even more appreciated for its practicality. Aside from pilots and mechanics, it found its place among the women who were driven to work in factories or shipyards as the men marched in war. Called ‘overalls’ or ‘coveralls’ this jumpsuit predecessor were redesigned to fit the female form with cinched waists, large pockets to hold tools and were made out of thick fabrics like denim or twill for added protection. This iconic shift of women’s role in society was personified by the cultural icon, Rosie the Riveter, who is shown to wear coveralls.

In England, jumpsuits were called, ‘siren suits’. At the height of the Blitz, people would have their ‘siren suits’ ready by the bed so when bomb sirens go off in the middle of the night, they put it on along with gas masks before heading out to bomb shelters. The suit’s one-piece cut made it a practical choice during those times.


Hollywood too had a hand in elevating the utilitarian jumpsuits to fashion staples when film stars like Katherine Hepburn started to wear it in films and Hollywood pin ups girls, like Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner teased the audiences with a shorter version called, playsuits. Playsuits were originally regarded as sportswear made from silk. Today, playsuits have adapted new silhouettes and fabric like lace. But one thing remains the same, both versions are effortlessly sexy and highlight the legs. Today’s version is just more versatile as it can easily be dressed up and down for any type of day affairs, from a brunch with the family to a stroll in the beach with a special someone! Even walk down the red carpet like Taylor Swift.


Grace Long Sleeve Romper

A long sleeve pink lace romper with black lace trimming and open back.

After World War II, jumpsuits’ reincarnation was in the service of the 70s. Icons like Cher, The Beegees, Mick Jagger, and Elvis took the stage in bedazzled jumpsuits. But during this era, its silhouette changed. From the baggy shapes of World War II coveralls, it became more body-tight and form-fitting with pants flaring out from the waist.

Since then, the jumpsuit has been in and out of fashion, with a brief stint in the 90s and then re-emerging as a wardrobe essential for women today. Its intrinsic ease and comfort is becoming a favorite among the daring and empowered women, who strive to achieve a balance between strength, assertiveness, chic, and comfort. If you want to dress and impress at the same time, make a one-piece ensemble like this peach lace jumpsuit your new best friend and become the ultimate woman in one easy step.   


Camilla Peach Lace Jumpsuit

Bring glamour and elegance to cocktail hour or formal affairs with this peach lace overlay jumpsuit. 

Time and again, jumpsuits have proven its utilitarian and aesthetic values. Many performers continue to use it on stage because of its comfort and ease. Beyonce almost always wears varied versions of jumpsuits in her performances like playsuits and bodysuits, because it can highlight all of her physical assets without compromising her movements. And just like her, you can use a bodysuit as your go-to outfit. Choose a neutral and simple silhouette like this bodysuit which you can pair with almost anything, making it the perfect travel outfit! Slip on a pair of denim jeans, or skirt, or shorts and you are all set to trot around the globe.

CJ Parker Bodysuit

Pair with your favorite pair of jeans, a tulle skirt or even a pair of shorts.

The next time you pull up a pair of jumpsuit, remember the history behind it and let its power lend you the strength you need to conquer anything!

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