Eco-Friendly Beauty and Fashion Tips

Let’s face it. The world is almost (if not already) at the peak of environmental crisis. The air we breathe is heavily polluted by factory and vehicle exhausts, more cases of landslides and flooding have been happening even when a storm is not at its strongest yet, and the amount of our plastic waste is so high that in just a few years from now there will be more plastics in the ocean than marine life. We have become vulnerable to natural disasters now more than ever. These all sound like they’re too big of a problem for one person or even a handful of people to solve. But as #NoBasic women, we know that small acts of planet heroism can go a long way. So here are a few tips on how we can help save our only home!


It all begins with being mindful. Research on the global status of the environment to know about the hows and whys of the world’s natural catastrophes. Simply knowing your daily activities that can be contributing to these crises is a good way to start. Educate yourself to be compassionate for the planet. Then spread the word so others can be made aware too.



It’s no doubt that us women have a soft side for makeup and skin care. And that’s perfectly fine! However, most makeup and skin care staples contain harmful ingredients and the chemicals used in its production eventually find itself back to the environment. So go for naturals. They’re not only better for the planet but they’re also healthier for you! There’s almost always a natural alternative for every product in your beauty routine. Stay a little longer in beauty aisle and look for powders, lipsticks, face washes, toners, and basically everything in your bathroom or vanity kit that are made from natural or organic resources. Extra points for products that were not tested on animals!


We’ve all been hearing this since we were kids, “reduce, reuse, recycle” but let’s admit that we haven’t really committed to doing this at all. Perhaps now is the time to take this little slogan to heart and make our grade school teachers proud. Keep your plastic bags, straws, bottles, utensils and any plastic you can find. Look for a local company that recycles plastics and turn them into something useful instead of throwing them away only to wind up cluttering our seas and putting our turtles and fishes in danger.


This may come as a surprise but fashion consumers are also contributors to the world’s greatest wastage. In fact, more than 15 million tons of garment and textile wastes are produced every year, and that’s just in the United States alone. The worst part is that these pieces of clothing can take up to a hundred years before they decompose. The reason for this big amount of waste is that people buy more clothing items each year but will only keep at least half for just a while. Some would donate the rugged ones to charity but even then it gets thrown away because it’s already too worn out. This is why you should invest in clothes with good quality. The longer the clothes last, the lesser the waste we produce. Think of your style essentials and focus on getting those. You won’t have to keep buying new clothes because the ones you have will still be in their prime condition after several times of flaunting them!

Here are some examples of clothes you can reuse or re-wear for several types of occasions:

The Pastel Color Block Dress is perfect for a laidback Sunday brunch but can also be a fun choice for a festive picnic by the park.

The Mathilde Pink Lace Dress can be a go-to get-up for several occasions. It’s hot pink lace overlay is a combined sweet and spicy vibe which can be ideal for attending a friend’s semi-formal debut but it’s also a good outfit when you’re planning to catch some nightlife. It will  just be a matter of pairing it with the appropriate shoes and accessories!

Re-imagine your clothes! A #NoBasic woman knows she can look fashionable while being  responsible with the environment.

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