• August's Woman of the Month: Victoria Beckham

    Victoria's Era Every era has its own icon for sophistication. There are a lot of Victorias in her generation but no one else comes close to the posh style of Victoria Caroline Beckham. The businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer was labeled “Posh Spice” during her rise to stardom with... View Post
  • Playing It Cool with Playsuits

    Like most forms of art, fashion too is a product of history, with a lot of iconic pieces heavily influenced by political, social and economic factors throughout time. One iconic piece that has a rather fascinating origin story is the jumpsuit. The earliest record of jumpsuits was in 1919, when Fl... View Post
  • Code Black

    Paris, France. The city of chic where real Parisienne walk the streets in all black ensembles, hair stylishly disheveled, bags nonchalantly slung over arms. This is what French je ne se quoi looks like—distinctive and effortless. There is no formula to speak of. If anything, there is vibe, attitu... View Post
  • Timeless Beauty, Always

    Fashion is a paradox. It is ever changing, designers striving to create new and exciting design ideas while at the same time hoping that their outputs will qualify as timeless pieces. We are often advised to build our wardrobe using timeless pieces, but what makes a piece of clothing deserving of... View Post