• How to Start Carrying Yourself Confidently

    “Your greatest enemy is yourself.” We’ve all come across this saying at one point in our lives and it becomes particularly true when we’re struggling to be confident about ourselves. Nothing stunts a person’s growth more than self-doubt. The opposite which is self-confidence is the powerful atti... View Post
  • Grown Up Glitter

    Humans seem to be inherently attracted to shine and our fixation for shiny things can be traced as early as the Stone Age when cavemen embellished their cave paintings with flakes extracted from shiny rocks called, mica. Even shine in fashion has its roots as far back as ancient civilizations whe... View Post
  • 5 Pieces That Will Make Your Wardrobe Super

    Every generation has its own sets of basics - basic makeup items to have, basic kinds of shoes to own, and of course basic clothes ready in the closet. Some of those basics have been rendered irrelevant by time and some have been elevated into timeless pieces. Today’s generation is lucky to have ... View Post
  • Turning Monochromatic

    Let us break down the term monochromatic – mono means single and chromatic means color. A monochromatic outfit consists of pieces of clothing or accessories of one color. Although, this does not mean literally that one wears a solid black from head to toe, it can be a variety of shades within one... View Post
  • Of Hemlines and Style

    “How short could you go?” or “How short is too short?” – these are the two common questions fashion columns get regarding skirt or dress length. Although models make it seem like it’s a regular Monday in the office when they wear those micro minis, most women are still apprehensive about the leng... View Post