Sustainable in Style

There are buzzwords in mainstream culture and fashion that are telling of the times. Terms like green, clean and eco friendly are what resonate with today’s discerning consumer. And this is apparent to a wide variety of industries that include wellness, food and design. The movement towards green living was brought about by a growing awareness in our environment. It was fueled by the desire of an increasing number of responsible citizens of the planet to think beyond their individual bubbles and lead lifestyles that benefit a greater good. It is a behavior in the consumption of products that mirrors a mindset for making smart choices that serve the environment and its communities.

“The movement towards green living was brought about by a growing awareness in our environment.”

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Discuss and debate surrounds the matter of green or eco fashion. These exchanges probe deep into existing business models and supply chains employed by clothing companies. How are the raw materials sourced following guidelines of fair trade? What are the working conditions in places where these items are produced? How are the communities in these production sites affected by the presence of these companies? Introspection follows this line of questioning.

As consumers, we would like to think that our choices leave a positive impact. Skeptics will say that the concept of sustainable fashion is utopian. How can an industry that thrives on its mass production and quick turnovers uphold the environmentally sound ideals? Clothing companies in past decades have identified several methods among them the design and creation of high quality products that can last years. There is no singular or dogmatic approach to sustainable fashion. If anything, it encourages creativity and innovation.


This Embroidery Illusion Dress is reminiscent of the ocean.

“The NOBASIC woman 
is a citizen of the world.”

The change the eco fashion brings starts internally, and later affects larger areas of one’s consciousness. The fashion adage that “you are what you wear,” when spoken green fashion language, goes beyond aesthetic, brand or material. You are no longer a timeless kind of woman who prefers the little black dress on special occasions. Today’s fashion lexicon will best describe you as the intelligent woman in a little black dress made of organic fibers. You are no longer one of many who buy basic tees, discarding them as soon as signs of wear and tear appear. Instead, you opt for high quality pieces that you can keep in your wardrobe for long periods of time. You don’t buy into sustainable fashion as if it were trend. When you choose green, you commit to the responsibilities that come with being a citizen of the plant. You join a new breed of forward-thinking consumers of fashion that utilizes fashion not only as a form of expression but an avenue for effecting change.

"The fashion adage that
- when spoken green fashion language, goes beyond aesthetic, brand or material."


This is the kind of woman that clothing company NOBASIC aims to address. She is independent, highly intelligent and mindful of her actions and the impact it leaves on the planet. The NOBASIC woman does not anchor her choices on aesthetics alone, although her expectations in design and quality remain high. She does, however, put premium on products that aim to improve the lives, communities and the planet as a whole. The NOBASIC woman is a citizen of the world and by this she acknowledges that she is responsible in ensuring the revitalization of a green planet. The NOBASIC woman is modern. The NOBASIC woman is not content in being fashionable. She cares to be stylish and in doing so, she takes on smart choices that uphold the ideals of sustainability.

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