Fashion and Feminism: Giving Women the Right to Choose

For years, society’s perception of what beauty is have pushed women in a state of competition. This atmosphere of silent debate on who looks better can even be felt in women’s powder rooms as girls touch up and fix their outfits, eyeing which girl is comparably prettier. On the contrary though, we believe that women should not degrade each other based on their different views and values of femininity.

If a woman is so at peace with her body that she is capable of parading herself in more mature clothings, celebrate her confidence. Every woman goes through a phase when they wish they could love themselves and this burst of self-esteem could be the result of realizing her beauty for the first time in years. If she likes being gazed upon in an open space, allow her to bathe in the knowledge of her worth but stand for her when a man sees this as an open invitation to disrespect her. Always remember that a woman is so much more than the skin she shows.

Geometric silhouette via halter neckline, criss-cross open back and cutouts at the waist.

Likewise, if a woman wants to wear long skirts and long sleeves, don't strip her of her self-esteem by calling her names. Don’t make her feel like she needs to flash more skin than she’s comfortable of showing to prove her worth. Respect her choice to regard her skin as holy.
 We present ourselves through the way we dress and the diversity of women’s styles is a remarkable parade of interesting individualities. A dress that is relatively long and covered up doesn’t necessarily equate to prude, it can be sexy in its own demure, sophisticated way.

A more romantic maxi dress with open shoulder and dainty floral prints. 

If a woman likes to wear clothes that don’t flaunt her feminine side, do not attach her to a label. Let your company be a safe space for her to explore her style and identity. Let her experiment and express her womanness in her own time, in her own terms. Just because her vision isn’t the same as yours, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

An instant go-to for daywear - woven rayon with side contrast black penal and elastic waist band.

If a woman likes to wear makeup, acknowledge her patience and appreciate her art. If a woman likes the bareness of her face, tell her she looks beautiful in the glow of the sun.

Much like feminism, fashion gives us choices and respects what we choose. It allows us to experiment until we find the styles that fit our taste. It helps us know ourselves better and appreciate those who are different from us. Let us stop hating and defining ourselves based on the standards set by an unkind society.

#NOBASIC Women, stand together!


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