5 Pieces That Will Make Your Wardrobe Super

Every generation has its own sets of basics - basic makeup items to have, basic kinds of shoes to own, and of course basic clothes ready in the closet. Some of those basics have been rendered irrelevant by time and some have been elevated into timeless pieces. Today’s generation is lucky to have been handed down some of these basic wardrobe requirements like the ‘little black dress’ and the ‘wrap dress’ but that should not stop us from creating a set of basics that can become our generation’s trademark. So here are five things that you should have in your closet -- now.

1 | Immaculate White Satin Dress

Sure, you have your ‘little black dress’, but why not balance your neutrals with a timeless white, right? Look effortlessly chic and ethereal in a light, white piece like this. Its razor-back cut in lace is a perfect testament of our generation’s edgy and sexy attitude, fearless in experimenting with hard and soft elements. Its adjustable strap lets you choose how daring you want to go and its mermaid cut naturally accentuates your curves without trying too hard. Have peace of mind knowing that something in your closet is ready for any formal day functions.

Women always look good in white.A white dress looks good on anyone, invest in one.
A white dress looks good on anyone, invest in one. 

2 | Elegant Blue Lace Jumpsuit

Ready your closet by investing in pieces that can take you from day to night, from an office meeting to a dinner party in one ensemble. Clothes do not have to be always black to help you get away with anything. A blue piece like this jumpsuit can do the trick too! Its beautifully draped simple pants and simple silhouette balance the luxurious feel of its laced upper half, making it perfect for almost any occasion! Its clever illusion of being a two-piece ensemble can be this generation’s take on pantsuits and power-dressing.

Blue Lace Jumpsuit
Bring glamour and elegance to cocktail hour or formal affairs with this yale blue lace overlay jumpsuit. 

3 | Fun Floral 

Be bold and widen your choices by including prints in your wardrobe staples. Start with basic floral prints! A characteristic of today’s fashion generation is its veneration for nostalgic designs and reinventing them into something relevant like the prints, length and ruffles of this overlap skirt. It is today’s generation’s take on a free-spirited fashion attitude. Have this on hand for those more relaxed moments like going to the mall with friends, road trips, trips to the beach and afternoon garden parties.

A floral print teal overlap skirt is perfect for special occasions and celebrations inspired by the beautiful outdoors. 

4 | Something Sparkly 

Why would you want a bodysuit in your closet, you might ask. Well, bodysuits are modern wardrobe staples, its uses are endless, its versatility is something you can depend on. Pair it with a tailored blazer and crisp pair of pants and you are ready for a client meeting. Or pair it with a flouncy pants or skirt and you are instantly beach ready. You can even pair it with jeans and you are good to go. It provides a good foundation for you to experiment and mix-match, making it perfect for this generation who wants to keep their options in life open and plenty.

A turtleneck metallic body suit.

A turtleneck metallic bodysuit. 

5 | Go-To Backpack 

Backpacks have come a long way and it, too, gracefully evolved with the rest of the fashion world. Complete your accessory cabinet with a cute, structured, and impeccably crafted backpack like this pale rose fringed backpack. It can make you effortlessly stylish so make sure you have one that you can make your go-to bag for your everyday errands.

Lassie Pink Back Pack

Turn on your cute on with this pale rose backpack accentuated with gold rings and buckles. 


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