Pretty in Pink

Dust off Nana’s vintage keepsakes, loves! Dirty rose pink is back, and putting its red hot sister hue to shame. This new pink is all things feminine and edgy, and sweeping designers off their feet.

The pretty color goes beyond its feminine route—it takes a sharp turn toward classic and shortcuts through sexy. Like they say, right? Less is more.

We love this pink. It’s getting attention from satin and silk lovers, to cotton and poly praisers. Give a girly color a soft meaning, and it will blow you away.

No Basic offers the color in a strappy silk gown for the dinner party and afterparty alike, as well as our crop top and sweatpant in a raw cotton (both above), for those of you who play all day. And don't forget about your suitcase's best friend: the all-lace bubblegum pink romper.

Nothing says flirty quite like a lady in pink.

And nothing says business quite like it, either.

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