Girl Gangs

Among fashion’s hottest commodities, seeing in pairs is high on the list. What makes doubles more mischievous, more desirable? The potential cataclysm of secrets swirling between two fashion-friendly females? (What do your coffee dates consist of, KenGi?) Whatever the cause, when the universe brings together two champions of style, the world leans in to listen. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie, our long list of unshakeable duos, they are head-turners.


We’re looking into what gives these powering twosomes their poise. The answer? Synced threads. It’s true—the sex appeal of matching monochrome gym suits, the brands that walk hand-in-hand, the color scheme that gives the faint glory of a master painting. Girl gangs, before any other gang, work hard to align their edge. Give them a brand, and they’ll give you two different looks from the same brain cell of creativity. Every designer’s dream.


We love girl gangs. We love female energy, the positivity of two head-to-head models or fashion mavens, pooling together to gift us with the offspring of their style. It’s okay to weep a little when you see a vixen Vogue model making lunch with her homegirl. It’s okay to lose your breath when starry-eyed musicians and fashion moguls brunch in coveted SoHo bagel shops. But if you take anything from Kylie and Jordan parties, and Kendall and Hailey outings, let it be this: when two girls crush their industry with linked arms, magic happens. Like three-legged pros, the best women turn their competitive industries into fashion-forward hotbeds. Besties break walls, and with each other at the helm.


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