• July's Woman of the Month: Naomi Campbell

    The modeling industry is a difficult industry to break through and once you are in, making your mark is a totally new level of challenge. But one woman managed to conquer the modeling world with her distinct grace and unparalleled ‘je ne sais quoi’, none other than, Naomi Campbell. Campbell start... View Post
  • 5 Pieces That Will Make Your Wardrobe Super

    Every generation has its own sets of basics - basic makeup items to have, basic kinds of shoes to own, and of course basic clothes ready in the closet. Some of those basics have been rendered irrelevant by time and some have been elevated into timeless pieces. Today’s generation is lucky to have ... View Post
  • Fashion and Feminism: Giving Women the Right to Choose

    For years, society’s perception of what beauty is have pushed women in a state of competition. This atmosphere of silent debate on who looks better can even be felt in women’s powder rooms as girls touch up and fix their outfits, eyeing which girl is comparably prettier. On the contrary though, w... View Post
  • Code Black

    Paris, France. The city of chic where real Parisienne walk the streets in all black ensembles, hair stylishly disheveled, bags nonchalantly slung over arms. This is what French je ne se quoi looks like—distinctive and effortless. There is no formula to speak of. If anything, there is vibe, attitu... View Post
  • Selfie Game Strong!

    Kylie Jenner likes breaking the rules, just look at this MET Gala bathroom selfie! #picoftheday #duckface: These are just some of the hashtags that have become popular across the internet. All three are often, if not most of the time, associated with selfies. There are at least 900k IG posts t... View Post
  • Timeless Beauty, Always

    Fashion is a paradox. It is ever changing, designers striving to create new and exciting design ideas while at the same time hoping that their outputs will qualify as timeless pieces. We are often advised to build our wardrobe using timeless pieces, but what makes a piece of clothing deserving of... View Post
  • On Neutral Grounds

    The dominant beauty direction this year veers towards a barely-there look. It is a trend that highlights one’s natural features while allowing skin to breathe. Light coverage with dewy finish, a sun kissed flush and glossed lips take precedence over mattified makeup of seasons past. Subsequently,... View Post
  • How Low Can One Go: Choosing the Right Neckline

    Have you ever seen a beautiful piece of painting and gets put off by its frame? Frame size, material, style can either make or break a piece of art and the same goes with necklines. Necklines frame your face and it helps you create that perfect first impression. So knowing the different types of ... View Post