4-Step Wardrobe Planning

It is a fact that all ladies love to dress up but sometimes you have to admit that you feel a little lazy in checking out and scanning your closet to check out every clothing you have. Tendency is to repeat pieces over and over again. Planning your wardrobe, especially for upcoming occasions lined up, would be the perfect way to handle dressing up with ease and still looking extra fabulous every time.

The best way to do this is to reserve a few hours to checkout your existing collection, this gives you an overview of what you have, what pieces you need to let go of, what items are missing and you actually need more of. Below is a simple 4-step system that you can do once in awhile.

STEP 1: Organize and Sort

Group article of clothing that go together – tops, dresses, skirts, pants, and so on. After categorizing them accordingly, some would prefer to sort further by color. This would actually give you a better view of what you have most and what you might actually need.

STEP 2: Decluttering is Key

Fit pieces of clothing that have been with you for a long time and evaluate whether you still need those or is it time to let them go. You may opt to give them out to friends or your sister or you can also do a simple online sale and earn event just a little from it (give you additional funds for new pieces from the new season).

STEP 3: Define Your Style & Assess Your Lifestyle

Go down memory lane and check out some old photos and compare them with the ones recently taken. Try to evaluate which look you are most comfortable with and also, consider the type of events you go to. For inspiration, you may check out Pinterest for awesome fashion pins. Just always remember, not everything you see that looks good on another woman would mean that it would look good on you.

STEP 4: Invest in Yourself

Do not splurge in every sale you see or do not buy all clothes just because they are trendy, think of what you really need. Most would consider having pieces for formal, daywear, casual chic, corporate, and special night out but keep in mind that this would definitely vary depending on your way of life. Check out new brands and stick with the ones you trust because of quality. There are moments that you would probably spend a little more than usual and that is okay, as long as you get to use them for how they are made for.

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Image Source: http://douwzer.org/

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