Of Hemlines and Style

“How short could you go?” or “How short is too short?” – these are the two common questions fashion columns get regarding skirt or dress length. Although models make it seem like it’s a regular Monday in the office when they wear those micro minis, most women are still apprehensive about the length of what they wear and are worried what are the ones fit for certain occasions. 

While there are no bible mandates that directly define the right and only length for every occasion, there are some ground rules that one can apply when deciding. We did a little research and looked for styles that your favorite celebrities go for.

Mini: Usually, this goes 10 cm (4 in) below the buttocks. One can opt to wear this with bare pins or tights, depending on the season, of course. It is a good idea to combine texture, for instance you can wear a leather micro mini with a knit top. Sneaks or ankle boots are the best way to rock this look more. For a trendier look, play up with clothing proportions. Couple your mini with oversized tops or asymmetrical cut tops. While most would wear heels, oxfords and flats would be the comfiest choice for you.

Mimic Kendall's look and get this black faux leather skirt.

 At the Knee: This is probably known as the most universally flattering length! It is either just above or just below the knee. Usually, for more casual get-togethers or day-today wear, this length would work well for a-line, accordion, or pencil cuts. For social affairs, pleated, bubble, layered, or flared styles would be more ideal -- a white lace dress is always a great idea.

Dress like Gigi, go gaga over this silhouette lace dress.

Midi: Varying length from below the knee to mid-calf, this length is known as “the right in between.” Others refer to this as “tea-length” as it gives a woman the right hint of lady-like ring. This comes in varying styles as well: from sleek body-hugging a-line, the more common choice now is the classic poofy look. Most brands create pieces that allow ladies to wear this with simple to intricate tops. In the rage now would be metallic skirts with basic colored tops for casual dressy days or elaborately designed dresses for formal parties. 

Divine and magical like Alexa, this metallic skirt is to die for.
Be as dainty as Emmy in this intricate floral dress.

Maxi: A floor or ankle length informal dress that usually has a formfitting top and loose flowy bottom. If you want a more relaxed and chill vibe but you still want to look dressy, go for this length. Do not wear with closed toe-flats or boots, show those lovely feet of yours. Printed maxi dresses are a woman's go-to for sunny days.

Get this lively and free-spirit aura of Blake.
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