Color Story: RED

Through history, red has been the backdrop of iconic power. Red is fury, red is death, red is conquering. Red is the parent to our feminine pink, the hue behind the Women’s March. We women brought the burning stain to life by donning red on International Women’s Day. Red is unity and force and the galloping onslaught of change.

And red is back, in maddening fashion.

How does the modern woman wear it? How do you mimic the chasms of celebrities, putting their boldest foot forward with a striking red accent? How do you own up?

While No Basic has added a number of dauntless red pieces to our collection, many wearers jump to their routine blacks and whites in typical safety net fashion. The No Basic girl, in her gutsy climb as a fashion alpha, is well aware that street style succors to more than one color, and red is most vital.


Icons in history have sported the red color block, from ageless galas to political events, nation upon nation. Hollywood was careful in its choice of carpet color when it settled on red. It’s season-less, giving it the chance to pass up your spring pastels and peruse beyond those gritty fall hues. Red never sits long on shelves. And for city goers, red works against your stone backdrop, giving you the coveted street look you aim for.

Red is power, red is female, and red—like us—has no age.


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