Innovating Through Sustainable Fashion

Innovating Through Sustainable Fashion

The fashion retail industry is fast-paced with styles and collections changing on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the setting. With the ever-changing trends, oftentimes it is difficult for Mother Nature to catch up as it gets marked with a large environmental footprint of chemicals and pesticides that are used for cotton growing, toxic dyes and a landfill of worn out clothes that need disposal. It takes one third of a pound of chemicals just to make a cotton shirt. This is one of the many reasons why opting for a more sustainable route in fabric production is the wiser and nature-friendly choice.

We aim to be at the forefront of innovation by being environmentally conscious and Earth-friendly. The clothes we make must represent this aim as we choose to impact the planet in a positive way, transforming used plastic like bottles, by recycling them into polyester.

Every Plastic Recycled Can Turn Into Treasure

It is definitely a challenge to produce beautiful and elegant pieces of clothing for a collection particularly if the focus lies on using a certain amount of sustainable fabrics. That said, giving back to the planet is not just a good choice, but a smart one - after all the problems of cyclones and weather interruptions due to global-warming, it is a brave decision to make a difference for the generations to come.

Caring about sustainability is one thing, but how does the whole process work? To summarize the steps involved, it goes like this - plastic is recycled by shredding and melting it into small, thin sheets that are later turned into yarn which is then spun into fabric that is safe and friendly to the environment. The choice to use sustainable fabrics and organic fibers such as hemp or bamboo can also lower the carbon emissions and chemicals we find in ordinary situations daily. Not to mention that such a way of manufacturing garments is also animal-friendly.

Strength in Sustainability

Clothing made from renewable fibers feature another benefit or upside – durability. Many top clothing brands that use sustainable fabrics guarantee that the clothes they produce are meant to last and sustain normal wear and tear. Concentrating on chic and classic styles that will last through the years is another way of helping Mother Nature to heal. It is easy to spend money on cheap items with new styles but at the end of the day, it is the fabric choice that separates a good dress from all the rest! And finding beautifully designed pieces that will last through regular wear and tear is not an easy feat, yet it also says a lot about a person and their style.

Given all the options we have for clothes and fashion accessories from a long list of fashion brands, big and small, local and international, the choice to make the right decision for oneself that would also be beneficial to the planet lies in the hands of the consumers. It is, after all, the role of manufacturers to produce what people want.

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