On Neutral Grounds

The dominant beauty direction this year veers towards a barely-there look. It is a trend that highlights one’s natural features while allowing skin to breathe. Light coverage with dewy finish, a sun kissed flush and glossed lips take precedence over mattified makeup of seasons past. Subsequently, makeup palettes from eye shadows to blush and even highlighters, take on muted tones that emphasize a play of shadow and light.  

 This affinity for all things au naturelle also extends to fashion. After all, beauty is a reflection of the style sensibilities and vise versa. A warm and soothing range of neutrals are taking over the runway shows this season to compliment the young and effortless beauty looks of the year.

Designer Tom Ford recreated the fashion energy of the 90s when we presented a Spring/Summer 2018 collection done in whites and beiges. Karl Lagerfeld headed for the future at Fendi when he sketched striped separates and outwear done in blacks, whites, grays and beige. The collection highlighted the maison’s technical expertise and ability to bring out the natural textures and beauty of its materials. Pierpaolo Piccioli also brought a sense of the futurism to Valentino’s Spring Summer 2018 presentation as he took tones of the Apollo moon onto cocktail dresses and coats.

Looking dashing as ever.

But before Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld or Pierpaolo, it was Giorgio Armani who had mastered the creation of a chic neutral wardrobe. In the 90s the Italian fashion maestro orchestrated a fashion revolution that embraced the essentials of a well-tailored suit in refreshing grays, whites and beiges. It was also during one of his celebrated fashion shows that fashion observers and critics declared “greige” as the color du jour.

By definition, griege is a blend of gray and beige. It is a term coined by Martha Stewart in reference to home décor and interiors. It was only until Armani and his approach to androgynous dressing began to dominate fashion that greige also began a tone used for apparel and later, even makeup. Since then, griege has become one of the most preferred hues when it comes to neutral dressing.

Today, the distinctive pantone is preferred by the fashion forward regardless of season or trend. Take for instance the phenomenal pieces from the cult hit Yeezy. Each season, rapper-slash-designer Kanye’s army of models fills a venue in pared down ensembles in shades of beige and gray. Despite the looks being clinical and almost pragmatic, neutral shades from the label’s collection appealed to a hushed yet confident temperament fit for trailblazers of the fashion industry.

A stunning home with neutral color scheme.

In building contemporary chic wardrobe of neutrals, start with pieces that are versatile—a shift dress, trousers, a basic tee. Select pieces that utilize premium materials while highlighting impeccable tailoring.

Never run out of pieces to pair with this trusty pants.

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A maxi dress that compliments your golden tan.
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