• Recycled Fabrics, What Are They?

    Waste disposal and management is one of the most pressing and growing problems of the world today and unfortunately, fashion is a major contributor to this. With the rise of fast fashion is the rise of used and old clothing ending up in landfills too. We have to bear in mind that natural fibers t... View Post
  • Turning Monochromatic

    Let us break down the term monochromatic – mono means single and chromatic means color. A monochromatic outfit consists of pieces of clothing or accessories of one color. Although, this does not mean literally that one wears a solid black from head to toe, it can be a variety of shades within one... View Post
  • The White Sneakers Effect

    For almost over four years now, it is with no doubt that the all-white sneakers reigned supreme. All people from top runway models to your favorite celebrity to fashion a-listers to basically at least one person you know has been sporting this look. Let’s start of with Adidas most coveted white s... View Post
  • When Going Green is On Fleek

    It is the era of fast fashion wherein clothing brands’ priority is fast mass production of fashion items that they can sell fast and cheap. Catwalk-inspired designs became immediately more accessible and affordable to everyone but minus the quality most designers incorporate in their work. The pr... View Post
  • #WonderMoms Outfit Ideas

    Being a mother is not merely a job, it is a calling, a lifelong vocation. And today, being a mother has evolved in meaning and diversified in terms of role. She does not simply stay at home doing household chores, she is also a businesswoman or a manager. Having to wear multiple hats may seem dau... View Post
  • An Outfit for Every Occasion

    NOBASIC women are always on-the-go with a schedule that is filled to the brim. Most days are packed with appointments from morning to late-night functions mixed up with personal commitments lined up months ago. And, although we know that most women love to dress up always looking their best, it i... View Post
  • Of Hemlines and Style

    “How short could you go?” or “How short is too short?” – these are the two common questions fashion columns get regarding skirt or dress length. Although models make it seem like it’s a regular Monday in the office when they wear those micro minis, most women are still apprehensive about the leng... View Post
  • 4-Step Wardrobe Planning

    It is a fact that all ladies love to dress up but sometimes you have to admit that you feel a little lazy in checking out and scanning your closet to check out every clothing you have. Tendency is to repeat pieces over and over again. Planning your wardrobe, especially for upcoming occasions line... View Post